Frequently Asked Questions?

Is the IPWorld Tv Set Top Box portable?

Yes, IPWorld Tv Set Top Box is designed to be portable and easy to set up.

Can I get your service without buying IPWorld Tv Set Top Box?

You can watch our service through Roku. You may get more info from our customer service.

I am experiencing freezing problem, how can I solve this issue?

1- Please go to and check your internet speed. 2- Please call your internet provider and learn what internet speed you are paying for? 3- Please press home button 2 times from our remote control go to settings than Network Info, you will see speed test press that this number will give you the internet speed of IPWorld Tv Set Top Box. 4- After these three stepsĀ please call our customer service atĀ +1 888 447 9880 or email to

Is IPWorld Tv Set Top Box work with Wi-Fi?

Your IPWorld Tv Set Top Box is capable of wi-fi connection. In the Manuel that came with your box will show you how to set up wireless connection. Please be advise that the quality of the picture is depends on your internet speed and distance to the modem. If you are experiencing freezing and the picture quality is low, please consider connecting your IPWorld Tv Set Top Box with Ethernet cable to the modem. If not possible you could get wi-fi extender to increase your wi-fi speed.

What is recommended internet speed for a quality viewing experience?

We recommend a minimum of 10 Mb speed to have a smooth viewing experience.